• Platelet-derived growth factors analyzers SEB-C100

    Platelet-derived growth factors analyzers SEB-C100

    This product used to analyze platelet-derived growth factor, a specific protein marker in human urine, and qualitatively analyze the degree of coronary artery stenosis.

  • TENS Electrodes

    TENS Electrodes

    Mainly by conductive hydrogel, conductive carbon film, non-woven fabric, PET film and conduc-  tor connector. The product has good biocompatibility and conductivity,flexitle material and moderate viscosity. It is suitatle for all parts of the human body. The electrical stimulation signal is transmitted to the skin through the conductive hydrogel contacting the skin surface.

  • Chest seal tape

    Chest seal tape

    Mainly by medical hydrogel, non-woven fabric, PET film . Products for medical or war and other traumatic situations sealed rescue.