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About Us

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Shanghai Soulbay Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Soulbay Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech firm that specializes in research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service of high-end medical eqipment.

To enhance the integration of cross-industry resources, the company invests in independent research and development of its own brand. We have partnered with Shanghai University of Technology, Shanghai Lanbao Sensing, and other universities and businesses to establish R&D laboratories and production facilities. These are located at Shanghai University of Technology, Shanghai Lanbao Science and Technology Park, Anhui Maanshan Lanbao Science and Technology Park, and Fujian Xiamen Biomedical Industrial Park.


These facilities are exclusively focused on the development and manufacturing of top-tier in vitro testing equipment and molecular chemistry products. We are dedicated to developing and producing top-tier in vitro testing instruments and molecular chemistry products to establish ourselves as a medical service provider with extensive independent intellectual property rights, cutting-edge technology, and global impact.

Our solutions include:

The company has assembled a scientific research and technology team with top-quality R&D and innovative capabilities, leveraging the benefits of an industry-university-research integrated approach. After nearly a decade of ongoing improvements and numerous clinical validations by various enterprises and institutions, including university teams, the company has developed a non-invasive, expedient, and extremely precise solution for detecting coronary stenosis at an early stage. The company collaborated with experts and scholars from Xiamen University in the field of molecular chemistry to exchange knowledge regarding medical hydrogel. This breakthrough has allowed for pre-hospital solutions for respiratory and circulatory disorders in pre-hospital rescue and battlefield first aid, breaking technological barriers.


Technical Team

Shanghai Soulbay Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


Xiaoshu Cai

Executive Director of the Chinese Society of Particuology; Deputy Director of the Particle Testing Committee; Member of the External Working Committee
Honorary Director of CHINESE SOCIETY FOR MEASUREMENT; Director of Multiphase Flow Testing Committee
Director of Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics; Deputy Director of Multiphase Flow Specialized Committee
Director of Chinese Society of Power Engineering
Director of International Society of Measurement and Control of Granular Materials
Director of China Electrical Engineering Society, Thermal Power Generation Branch
Member of the National Technical Committee for Particle Characterization and Separation and Screen Standardization (SAC/TC168); Member of the Particle Sub-Technical Committee (SAC/TC168/SC1)
Director of Powder Technology Branch, China Building Materials Industry Association (CBMIA)

Chairman of Shanghai Society of Particuology
Deputy Director of the Clean Energy Technology Committee of Shanghai Energy Research Association,
Deputy Director of Turbine Branch, Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society
Member of the Ninth Committee of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology
Deputy Director of the Teaching Committee of Energy Power Engineering Discipline of the Electric Power Higher Education Committee of China Electric Power Education Association ; Deputy Head of Power Machinery Group
He has Chaired the natural Science Foundation project, as well as China's "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and "Ninth Five-Year Key Plan", the project of Education Ministry, several local enterprises’ horizontal projects and cooperation projects with foreign countries. His 70 papers published primarily focus on light scattering particle measurement, two-phase flow online monitoring, and combustion diagnosis.
He has overseen over 20 national 973 programs, general program, the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and "Ninth Five-Year Plan" of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Mechanical Affairs of China, and vertical program of the Shanghai Municipal Government. He has collaborated with foreign countries to execute five international programs, such as the European Community, German DFG, and U.S. Electric Power Research Institute, among other horizontal programs. The company's particle measuring instruments have gained widespread application.
He has collaborated with Institut Coria at the Rouen University, the Turbine Research Laboratory at the EDF Research Center; ITSM at the University of Stuttgart, Germany; the Institute of Processes and Particles at the Technical University of Cottbus; and the Institute of Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines at the Technical University of Aachen. The ENEL Research Center in Italy, the SKODA Institute of Fluid Research in the Czech Republic, the Technical University of Prague's Institute of Turbomachinery, the Electric Power Research Institute in the USA, the School of Engineering at the University of Fukui, and the University of Leeds' Institute of Particle Research. He collaborated with the American Electric Power Research Institute (AEPRI), Fukui University's Faculty of Engineering, and the Particle Research Institute at Leeds University. He also collaborated with the Coria Institute of the University of Rouen, the ITSM Institute of the University of Stuttgart, and the Institute of Processes and Particles of the Technical University of Cottbus to train doctoral students.
His research findings on measuring two-phase flow of wet steam in steam turbines and pulverized coal have been adopted by research institutes across the globe, including Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, and the United States.
His expertise in particle measurement, two-phase flow measurement, and combustion spectral diagnosis is at the forefront of research in China.
He has authored over 150 papers, with over 30 of them being indexed by SCI, EI, and ISTP. Additionally, he has been granted two invention patents and seven utility model patents.


Huiyang Nan

Huiyang Nan,Professor, and Doctoral Supervisor , School of Energy and Power Engineering's Vice Dean ,Shanghai University of Technology


Tianyi Cai

Tianyi Cai,Lecturer,School of Energy and Power Engineering, Shanghai University of Technology